1/31/2018 10:24:42 PM


Conversation with long term expat




I've been in Prague (Mala strana) for ten year now. I'm itelligent, but I have no gift for languages, so I know very little Czech (but that can be OK sometimes ;)). I do dearly miss conversation with like minded people, or not like minded people!


If you're interested, open minded, speak English - or want to improve your English - I'd like to meet you. It would be through email first, then maybe a meeting in person if we are compatible,


I will admit that I prefer conversation with women over men, women tend to be more open. And I would also prefer a Czech national over an expat. But expats are good too, we can compare our experiences with Czech culture.


Yes, I admit, I am a bit lonely. Leaving my friends back home (U.S.) was hard. What I didn't know when I came here was how soon my close U.S. friends would disappear from my life.


I'm not one to go to bars and clubs, so meeting new friends has been a challenge. Give me a try, I won't be offended if we don't match.


I'm not sure how this will get replies. I'd posted my email in past post attempts here but my posts never got posted. Prague TV never tod me why. So I suppose you can just reply to my message?


Thanks for reading my post (I hope it is posted, please prague tv?). My reason for this is simply to meet interesting people - and maybe learn some Czech? :)


One last thing, I'm not age discriminate, but over 30 might be a better fit. With that said I'll say that age isn't as important as experience, education - and passion for any subject!


I hope to hear from someone. The closer to Mala strana the better (I'm not a fan of travel). Eccentrics and out-of-the-box thinkers are maybe the most welcome? :)




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