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Apple Massage

We Offer Fast Delivery Mobile Massage. At your hotel, home. Out-Call Massage.

Erotic massage teaches communication skills at the level of physical contact and attitudes, feelings, emotions. Brings joy of sincere real communication. You will be surprised with a lot of fun from taking massage.

Known sexologists strongly recommend erotic massage for men as a powerful tool & prevention. It should be almost everyone in our modern life. The massages are unique for relaxation and for the healing of sexual difficulties, which will awaken all of your senses. The magic, with powerful adult game, massage doesn't miss any part of the body. Includes massage of whole body with oil, massage of the lingam and prostate. Can be added Healing Massage of Prostate. Sensual massage is making by hands, the masseuse has a minimum underwear. By Tantric massage the masseuse is nude, massage by hands and her body. Massage respects the limits of both recipient and giver. Males may be relaxed and completely naked. If an erection comes up this is completely OK. Masseuse will only accept touching of her body by the client after permissions have been given. The client will have to fully agree to this condition.

Sincerely: Tantric & Sensual Massage are not a sexual services, it's very different.

What We Do:

Fast Delivery Massage. Easily Coming to You /hotel, home/. 
Touch Treatment. Company with Massage.
Touch by Hands, by Fingertips, by Body & Skin, by Bare feet.
Touch, Touch & Touch
Relax All Body Massage /60-120 min/
Sensual Erotic Massage /60-180 min/
Tantric Nude Massage /60-180 min/
Healing BareFoot Massage /90-120 min/
Erotic BareFoot Massage /90-120 min/
Nuru Japanese Massage/90-120 min/
Healing Massage of Prostate /30min/ can be added to erotic or tantric massage, or erotic barefoot massage
Companion Time With Massage /3 hours, 5 hours, 12 hours/

What We Do Not Do:
We do NOT provide the sexual service!

Prices: 1100 - 2000 CZK
Open: 8am till 11pm
Currency: yes (US dollars, Euro)




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Apple Massage

We Offer Fast Delivery Mobile Massage. At your hotel, home....


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