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Pivovar Lužiny

Beer with a taste of Hard Rock

Beer with a taste of Hard Rock

Patron of Lužiny beers is the hard rocking band Doga, for which Brewery Lužiny brews its own beer under the name Beerstriker. So, in our beers you can feel a single ingredient - a pinch of hardrock :-)

The company Pivovar Lužiny, s.r.o who is the owner and entrepreneur of the independent autonomous minibrewery of the same name was established in 2013. The brewery restaurant, beer bar and the summer terrace are inseparable parts of the brewery. Whole company is located in all three floors of the newly refurbished OC Lužiny.

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Brewing technology is placed on the ground floor of the building and its capacity allows annual sales of 2500 hectolitres of beer; spatial reserve allows its possible expansion up to annual sales of 5000 hectolitres of beer. Installed technology allows brewing of every beer style (top-fermenting, bottom-fermenting). The most important parts of the brewing technology are: two-container brewing house of the volume of 15 hectolitres, 4x fermenting cellar of the volume of 30 hectolitres, 10x lager tank of the volume of 30 hectolitres, 2x cylindroconical tank of the volume of 15 hectolitres and so on. Another important part is the beer pipe with two branches connecting all three floors of the facility and filling the beer tanks in the beer bar and the brewery restaurant directly from the lager tanks. Lužiny beers are brewed by traditional technology using water, malt and hop. Beers of the Czech type are bottom-fermented brewed in two mashes; top-fermented LU-Ale is made by infusion. For brewing are used malts from the malt-house Kounice and special foreign malts. Our hop comes from Žatec area and yeast from the RIBM in Prague. In the position of the head brewer is Mr. Michal Novotný.

Produced beers are on tap in the brewery restaurant and beer bar from the beer tanks and as well filled into PET bottles and kegs for brewery restaurant and local retail.

There is basic production of four steady types of beer and in the course of the year also a few specials. All the beers are neither pasteurized nor filtered. With respect to the character of the beer and preservation of its quality the sale through supermarket chains is by no means planned.

The Lužiny brewery uses two logos for business purposes both designed by Markéta Zelenková’s workshop. The colors of the Prague District 13 flag where the brewery is located are used for the main logo. Four stars in the upper part of the black field symbolize four types of beer and the double silhouette of the neighborhood symbolizes the location of the facility. The smaller logo in the rectangular shape is used in the restaurant and bar interiors and for printed materials of the company.

Pivovar Luziny on Prague.TV: Pivovar Luziny, taking the Prague Microbrew experience to a whole new level


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