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Two Tales Brewing s.r.o.

Czech microbrewery

As you might imagine, the right to brew beer was among the most important legal rights in Medieval Bohemia.

Established by the king and his lords, brewing rights were granted and held by individual medieval town houses and local brewers. Each house could manufacture and sell beer on its premises.

The King, in some cases, would personally oversee the quality of each batch, giving rise to a sea of small breweries with a diversity of character and taste that varied from house to house.

As a result, beer drinkers enjoyed a vast choice of beers with quality and standards enforced by the King himself. Today, little remains of the Bohemian Beer Houses of old.

Large scale production has replaced small scale artisan brewing and diversity is limited to a few major brands. Some of the craft still remains but none of the diversity. Where once regional breweries had only to please their king and village, today major breweries filter their products in order to please the world.

As the old saying goes, if you try to be something to everyone, you end up being nothing to all. Inspired by the old Czech brewing law, Two Tales Brewery started a small brewing house with the mission of restoring diversity to a deserving market.


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