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The real sushi experience where ever you want!
Sushi for you

Looking for a truly luxurious gift for your loved ones? Or do you want to treat yourself? Order a platter of sushi delivered directly to your table.

Whats a sushi platter?

Do you want to surprise a loved one, to celebrate a special occasion, or just to impress somebody? Let us deliver a luxurious platter with 50 pieces of sushi directly to your table. The sushi will be made to order, prepared for you by the Japanese chef Yuki Omaki. In addition to sushi, you’ll also be provided with wasabi, soy sauce, pickled ginger, and disposable bamboo tableware. We can deliver the platter in a gift box upon request.

For more visit www.sushiqueen.cz or sign up for our Sushi for You newsletter and never miss our sushi days. We announce them once or twice a month. Always with something new, fresh and tasty!





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The real sushi experience where ever you want!

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