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Rustic Jerky

Superfood for Carnivores

Three absolutely mouthwatering, chewy, bursting with flavor beef snacks. It’s almost like having meat flavoured chewing gum. The more you chew the more flavor you get; it is a perfect meaty snack. Go Natural, Go Rustic!

Great care is taken in choosing the perfect ingredients for making our jerky. As a rule we don’t settle for anything less than perfect and neither should you. Beginning with the finest top round cut from selected grass fed beef to the purest organic honey to the exotic smoked Bhut Jolokia chili pepper and soothing anti-inflammatories such a ginger. We provide natural quality, gourmet SuperFood as nature intended. It’s a perfect SuperFood for Carnivores.

Eating beef jerky often has a negative connotation that it is a low quality, sodium and preservative packed guilty pleasure. It doesn’t need to be so at all. Our jerky is a healthy snack. Low Fat, Low Carb and High Protein Packed with goodness that not only makes you feel great about what you are eating; you know it is doing your body well. We know you’ll love it as much as we do.

The 21st century sees us launched into the midst of a health revolution. Now more than ever the 21st century is becoming a time of reflection concerning our wellbeing. Diets, healthy living and more importantly what we are putting into our bodies for fuel is taking a front seat in our every day lives. With the emphasis put on low fat, low carb diets, jerky is a natural choice for the health conscious meat eater.

Raw foodists, Vegans, Vegetarians. The Rusticmen fully respect and applaud your decisions to live a healthier lifestyle. The statistics do support the fact that large numbers of people who try these lifestyles revert back to eating meat within a relatively short amount of time and may even try again at a later date. To these people we say, you chose to put healthy foods into your body and if you must eat meat, why not eat some of the best quality meat available, natural beef jerky. That is why Rustic Jerky is here.

Active and fit people know the value of putting healthy protein into their bodies. These days you cannot guarantee that the beloved protein shakes and bars you use a supplements do not use potentially dangerous ingredients like Aspartame. Many Nutritionists agree that 20g of protein per meal or snack is ideal for maintaining and promoting muscle growth. That is the minimum what you get per 50g pack of our amazing beef snack. That is why Rustic Jerky is here.


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Superfood for Carnivores

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