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League5 football & futsal

Football & Futsal in Prague

will organize different tournaments monthly or every two months.During the autumn/winter season there will be futsal tournaments and during the spring/summer there will be football (five a side) tournaments.


- Each team consists of 5 players (1 goalkeeper + 4 players)
- Sliding tackles are forbidden
- The duration of one game will be 8-10min
- More than 5 fouls ===> 9meters penalty kick
- After the 5 fouls and the penalty kick, the count of fouls restarts at zero.
- Thrown in will be kicked
- the game will be played with yellow line
-contact will be allowed but only the referee will take the decision if there was a foul or not.
-one player cannot play for two different teams (only the goalkeeper can play in maximum two teams)
-all teams should suggest a referee from their teams to assist the permanent referee (Andrew) (this referee from each team can change of course)
-A ‘Panna Bonus’ will be included in the tournament to bring dynamism in the games.
- penalty shootout in case of draw after counting pannas.
-In case of draw the “Panna Bonus” will be counted, if there is no “Panna Bonus”, 1 point for draw will be given to each team that participates in the game.
-One financial prize will be given to the first team that wins the tournament.

Panna Bonus:

Futsal is a discipline that requires a lot of tactic and technique; the organizators decide to put a “Panna Bonus” – that means if a player of one team put the ball between the legs of the other team that gives the team that scored a “Panna Bonus”, also if an extraordinary goal is scored by one player (type bycicle or volé) (referees will be judge those extraordinary goals) and these “Panna Bonus” will be counted at the end of the game after the 8 or 10min.

There is no extra time or penalty in case of draw. The “Panna Bonus” will be counted in addition to the result of goals scored, and the team with the most amount of “Panna Bonus” scored wins the game with 3 points.

This Bonus is created to motivate more spectacular actions and goals during games.

Words from the Organizers:

The idea of this tournament is not to find the new Zinedine Zidane or to become World champions… it is created rather as an initiative for a good moment of quality sport, therefore fair play and good mood from all of you will be more than WELCOME!!!!

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