The Rolling Stones' Prague show has a few rules

Bags no larger than half a sheet of paper, no parking, and you must have an RFID bracelet

The Rolling Stones are coming to Letiště Letňany in Prague on July 4 for what will be the largest concert of the summer and likely the largest the city has seen since the Stones played outdoors in 2003. Well over 50,000 people are expected to attend.

The organizers announced the opening acts plus some very important rules that concertgoers will need to know ahead of time, in particular strict size restrictions on bags and travel info.

The Rolling Stones are currently on their No filter tour. Prague is the next to last date on the European leg of the tour.

The main opening act is Pražský výběr, an underground Czech band that formed in 1976. The choice was approved by the Stones. Pražský výběr guitarist Michal Pavlíček said the Stones inspired him to become a musician. Lead singer and keyboard player Michael Kocab, who was minister for human rights and minorities in 2009–10, said the Stones concert in 1990 symbolically brought freedom to Czechoslovakia after the Velvet Revolution, and now they can remind us of what freedom is.

The first opening act will be the Swiss band Gotthard, one of that country's most successful rock acts ever.

One important item organizer Serge Grimaux mentioned is that bags larger than A5 will not be allowed, and there is no check room or other places to leave larger bags. A5 is very small, about half the size of a normal sheet of paper, or 15 cm by 21 cm. This is half the size limit at previous concerts at the same venue.

The rule was imposed by the Rolling Stones for the entire European tour.

Reports from previous shows on the tour say that the rule was strictly enforced, leaving those who were unaware being pretty upset.

The restriction is for security purposes.

Also, there is absolutely no parking at Letiště Letňany. Visitors are asked to use public transit such as the Metro C line to Letňany.

Doors will open at 2 pm to start letting people in to get a good spot to see the show. Gotthard should play about 6 pm and Pražský výběr at 7 pm. The Rolling Stones will play from around 8:30 pm and the curfew is at 11 pm.

People are strongly urged to come early so there will not be a big rush at the time the Stones are set to play.

The metro will run until 2 am, to give people about three hours to get out of the area. A buffer zone between the concert area and the metro will be set up so people can wait a bit rather than all rush to the subway at once. Details on the zone have not been released yet.

The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has promised to keep the crowds moving at a steady pace.

People who bought tickets before June 1 should be receiving wristbands in the mail. The bands have an electronic RFID chip, which will speed entry to the concert site. The bands are color-coded to show which zone people are allowed in.

People will enter the concert area by scanning their wristbands, and not by scanning the barcode on the tickets.

The bands lock and cannot be removed. Patrons should not put the bands on until just before the show.

The bands should not be cut or tampered with, as this will make them invalid.

People who bought tickets after June 1 can exchange the tickets for bracelets in a Vodafone store.

It is recommended to get the bracelet before the day of the show, as lines to make the change at the last minute can be quite long.

People who still have not bought a ticket and who do not want to do so online can go to the Ticketpro outlet in the Rococo Passage on Wenceslas Square and get a wristband there.

The bands can also be used to purchase food and drink at the concert site. Cash will not be accepted. Instructions on how to use the chip bracelet to buy items can be found on the concert website, A cash account attached to the wristband should be established before the day of the show.

People who lose the bands before the show can get them replaced, but the process is a bit complicated, so it is best not to lose them.

Some 99 percent of tickets were sold online, and the organizers will be contacting people over email with information.

The concert will take place rain or shine, there will be no refunds based on weather. Umbrellas will not make it past security, so if there is rain forecast wear a plastic coat or bring a disposable plastic poncho.

Finally, there is limited space right up at the main stage called the No Filter zone. People who already have tickets can go to the event website and get a code. If they urge friends to buy tickets, and the friend uses the code, the original ticket holder will have a chance to win a ticket to the No Filter zone by the stage.

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