Celebrate the birth of modern music

A music and art festival marks the end of World War I and start of new art movements

The end of the year is getting filled with celebrations, one loosely related to the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia. You can celebrate the end of World War I and the birth of modern music, art and culture in Prague from Saturday, Sept. 29, to Sunday, Dec. 2. The end of World War I also led to the birth of independent Czechoslovakia.

Institut Moderní Hudby (CZ), Noise of Art (UK), Move Association (CZ), and Stichting Nederlandse Muziek Export (NL) are organizing events across Prague to highlight the music and cultural transformations that grew after the horrors of that truly brutal war ended.

Events open Sept. 29 with a DJ set British performer Tom Findlay of Groove Armada and close on Dec. 2 with a live set by German house act Booka Shade.

Between these dates, there will be a full line-up of international DJs, bands, exhibitions and audiovisual artists.

There is a weekend of events Nov. 9–11 at Prague 3’s náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad, plus the Cross Club and Lucerna Music Bar. There is a special emphasis on the collaboration between American and European street music and nightclubs to highlight the greater social freedoms that grew after the war, mixed with contemporary music to express music as a language.

The events are being curated by DJ Ben Osborne of Noise of Art, Jaroslav Rauser, head of Institut moderni hudby and Move Association, and Merlijn Poolman, head of Stichting Nederlandse Muziek Export. Ben Osborne will also play at the opening party,

The period after World War I in Europe saw democracy grow and women get greater freedoms. Cinema and radio become media for music and Afro-American immigrants introduce jazz to Europe. The first nightclubs open in Paris, London and Berlin, and early fusion between European and North American street music started.

These post-war innovations continued to be important cultural threads throughout the 20th century and up until today.

The events in Prague will also involve contemporary developments in music that continue to expand this cultural legacy, as well as exhibitions and panel talks.

It will also celebrate the Czech people gaining a democratic nation for the first time: an event so significant that US President Woodrow Wilson described Prague as the hope for European democracy.

The events are supported by Prague City Council and the Prague district 3. The festival is presented by Institut Moderni Hudby, Noise of Art, Move Association, Stichting Nederlandse Muziek Export, the Cross Festival and Lucerna Music Bar.

The first dates to be announced are:

Sept. 29 — Launch Party at the Cross Square and Cross Club
An all-night launch party with British dance legend Tom Findlay playing a DJ set alongside DJ Ben Osborne of Noise of Art mixed with Czech newcomers such as Chut žít and established acts like DJ Tráva, Risto and more.

Nov. 9 — Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad
Lake Malawi, Hans Hanneman, Ian, Fenn, Black Montmartre, STP. Stichting Nederlandse Muziek Export (NL) presents Bruder with the Hendrik Jan Band (NL). Plus archival photos from World War I and the Kindertransport of Sir Nicholas Winton from before World War II. More acts and details to be announced.

Nov. 10 — Cross Club
Noise of Art (UK) presents Black Montmartre, Heavenly Juke Box (UK), Flying Mochito Bros, Chuť žít, Telly Savalas, and more acts to be announced.

Dec. 2 —Closing Party at Lucerna
Booka Shade (Germany) Live, DJ Ben Osborne (UK). More details to be announced.

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