Declared TOP 10 Restaurants by Maurer's Choice Grand Restaurant 2018

The Entrée in Olomouc became the restaurant of the year!

The TOP 10 restaurants were named in the 23rd nationwide survey of Maurer's Grand Restaurant. The winner was Entrée restaurant in Olomouc. It was successful thanks to chef Přemek Forejt, who had cooked for example in London's Michelin restaurant L'Autre Pied and for two years in Koishi fish & sushi in Brno.

In second place was one of the three Michelin star restaurants in the Czech Republic, Alcron in the Radisson Blu Alcron hotel, headed by chef Roman Paulus. Third place was occupied by Terasa U Zlaté studně, the success of which is due to Pavel Sapík.

Other Prague restaurants to make the list include Radisson Blu Alcron hotel’s La Rotonde, Four Seasons’ CottoCrudo, Bellevue and Grand Cru.

Restaurants outside of Prague were Miura hotel from Celadna, Pavillon in Brno and Chateau Mcely’s Piano Nobile in Mcely.

Pavel Maurer, the man behind the Grand Restaurant survey and guide, said that to evaluate the best restaurants it is necessary to balance how the restaurant ranks in food, service, and interior. “This means that the establishment that is perhaps 10h in the absolute rating is the fifth in a separate category such as food, but its overall position was spoiled because it lost a few points in the interior category. But the food is perfect,” he said.

“Users of our guide have the advantage of being able to navigate according to different rankings that reflect food, service, interior. A special TOP 10 ranking according to named experts, as well as a list of the TOP 10 most affordable restaurants in the TOP 100 is all available at,” he said.

An independent nationwide poll examines around 900 selected businesses each year. The guide is based on recommendations and public voting. Everyone who registers has the opportunity to personally give tips for new interesting restaurants, and at the same time, he or she can send grades from one to five to assess the quality of food, service, and interiors of the presented businesses.

The rankings are continuously evaluated, statistically processed and audited. Deliberately manipulative votes are discarded on the basis of precisely defined rules so as to produce the most objective overview of culinary establishments across the country.

The TOP 10 ranking lists the 10 best restaurants based on food, service, interior. From these categories, an absolute winner is created by adding double the score for a meal to the score for the service and the score for the interior. This is divided into four.

Pre-sale of the traditional Grand Restaurant Festival has also started. People can sample some of the best restaurants across the country. Already in its 11th year, the festival will be held at 89 prestigious restaurants from Jan. 15 to Feb 28, 2018. Tasting prices ranging from Kč 250 to Kč 600. As part of the accompanying program, people can also visit special themed Yummy Experiences.

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Top 10 restaurants
1. Entrée (Olomouc)
2. Radisson Blu Alcron hotel, Alcron (P1)
3. Terasa U Zlaté studně (P1)
4. Radisson Blu Alcron hotel, La Rotonde (P1)
5. Miura hotel (Čeladná)
6. Pavillon (Pavillon)
7. Four Seasons hotel, CottoCrudo (P1)
8. Chateau Mcely, Piano Nobile (Mcely)
9. Bellevue (P1)
10. Grand Cru (P1)

Ratings were based on:
Number of evaluators: 1,620
Number of ratings: 7,696
Number of restaurants: 974
Number of rated restaurants: 218
Number of restaurants not rated: 756
Average price: Kč 720

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