Asianfest 2018 will bring landmarks to Prague

The festival of Asian food and culture will be larger than before and have five stages

AsianFest 2018 has announced its preliminary plans for its next edition, which will take place July 27–29, 2018, at Branická Louka in Prague 4. The festival promises to present the best of Asian culture and cuisine and will be significantly larger than before.

“In 2018, AsianFest will reach a new height. With around 140 restaurants showcasing the real taste of the Asian cuisine, 350 artists coming from Asia, and impressive sights and architectural landmarks built on 30,000 square meters. We are bringing you an unforgettable experience where you will feel like you are traveling to faraway countries,” festival president Jiří Zuska, Jr., said.

The 2018 edition of AsianFest plans to re-create the spirit of China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Due to its size, the program will be divided into three days. Some well-known Asian artists will perform on five different stages across the festival area. Of course, for all of the days, there will be different types of authentic cuisine served by some of the best Asian restaurants in Europe.

One of the main attractions of the 2018 festival will be the opportunity to see copies of famous sights and architectural landmarks from the featured countries, such as a gigantic Buddha statue from Phuket Island, a 20-meter-wide version of the Imperial Palace of Beijing, shops from Shanghai’s Chinatown and a Ko Pha Ngan beach. There will be a Pandaland with monkeys and parrots for visitors to enjoy.

The main means of transport to take visitors to and from Branická Louka will be a boat, which will take visitors straight to the ferry port. From there, they can easily get to the festival grounds on foot.

Prague.TV and Prague Morning are the exclusive English language media partners with AsianFest 2018 (in ČR). From now on you can find on this channels updates and news around the festival, so you don't miss the action and important information to enjoy your trip to Asia.

“AsianFest 2018 is an exceptional event where gastronomy and culture fuse into one in perfect harmony. The AsianFest team is looking forward to seeing everyone at the festival,” the organizers said.

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AsianFest 2018 - Shop: Újezd 19, 118 00 Prague 1 - Malá Strana

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AsianFest 2018 Press conference, 11.12.2017
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