Christmas & New Year's Eve Dining with Zátiší Group

Celebrate in style by reserving a table at one of Zátiší Group's restaurants

New Year’s Eve in Prague? Why not! Check our tips below:

  1. Seven, taste-balanced courses, excellent wines and the intimate atmosphere of the V Zátiší restaurant, this is an excellent combo for the last hours of this year.

  2. Six-course menu as designed by Gilad Peled, masterly paired with the best wines and the magic of the celebrating Prague in sight. That is what your magic New Year’s Eve night at Bellevue is going to look like.

  3. Passionate celebration awaits you at the Mlýnec restaurant: fabulous menu, wine, live music and dancing till dawn in the centre of all the action, with beautiful view of Charles Bridge. Do you know a better way of welcoming the New Year?

  4. Live music, bartender’s show, the glamour and sparkle of the 70s, rich buffet and unlimited drinks. Žofín Garden has prepared a party that will make everyone happy.

  5. And if it is your dream to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in high style, it is about time you book a spot at the State Opera House. You will enjoy a perfect cultural treat watching The Bat by Johan Strauss, and exquisite meals and drinks prepared by Zátiší Catering. And the grand finale of the evening? Dancing right on the State Opera stage!

Let our New Year’s Eve celebrations inspire the happiest New Year’s resolutions!

Mouth-watering Gifts

Are you looking for an original gift that the recipient will never forget about? Do you want to make someone happy, but you are not sure what to give them? Are you looking for a great surprise for your friends and business partners? Select a Zátiší Group’s gift wowcher, tailored to the taste of its recipient.

A restaurant outing will certainly make happy all gourmets. The mystery of international and Indian cuisine will be revealed at the V Zátiší restaurant; the magic of French gastronomy, paired with selected wines and a breath-taking view, is served at Bellevue, the passion for Czech meals at Mlýnec, and endless joy from spending time with kids at Žofín Garden.

We will be happy to tailor the gift wowcher to your liking. Provide us with the wording and the monetary value and we will leave it gift-wrapped and ready for pick-up in one of our restaurants or mail it to the address you provide.

Make people happy and enjoy a worry-free Advent season.

V Zátiší Interior

Holiday Season Mystery at V Zátiší

Chef Petr Kunc spent seven years working in London and experienced genuine British Christmas. He was not overly impressed by its taste, but he still likes British cuisine. He used his favourite childhood recipes alongside traditional British recipes when working on the V Zátiší Christmas menu.

You had lived in England for seven years and used to spend the Christmas time there, too. Did you not miss Bohemia?

I never thought of that. I have been living on my own since I turned 18 so I am used to it. Britain is, in my opinion, the most cosmopolitan country in Europe. Especially London, where I lived for four years, and found some really good friends. We used to spend the Christmas season together.

Did you keep with the British Christmas tradition?

Naturally, we tried to, but English traditional Christmas dishes are not exactly my cup of tea. I do not like turkey. To me, the meat is too dry, and the traditional Christmas pudding combines too many distinctive tastes as it is made of many kinds of candied fruits and doused in brandy and flambéed upon serving. Traditional British Christmas are no match for the Czech ones.

So, what do you usually eat on Christmas Eve?

My favourite Christmas soup is the traditional Slovak cabbage soup, kapustnica, which I always prepare a day ahead to give it a chance to rest – same as the potato salad. And naturally, a fish is a must, but the cooking style may vary.

What inspirational sources did you turn to when putting together the V Zátiší Christmas menu?

Our Christmas menu offers traditional Czech and foreign Christmas dishes which I also prepare at home for my family and friends. I have selected a fried pikeperch in the British traditional beer batter with potato salad, pea purée with mint and caper tartar. Venison lovers will enjoy the magical, baked partridge breast with winter fruits, pancetta, herb dumplings and Christmas spices and roe deer fillet with forest mushrooms, butternut pumpkin purée, blackberry and raspberry jus and baked potato purée. The desserts offer a mix of Czech and British influences – baked apples with raisins and vanilla cream, orange ice-cream with cinnamon and bread and butter pudding. Simply put, the best tastes of Christmas blend together in a dinner feast.

Duck Žofín Garden

Happy Holidays at Žofín Garden

Christmas time traditionally celebrates family values and togetherness. The Advent season is an ideal time for family gatherings and time spent with friends. Enjoy your time together at the nice ambiance of Žofín Garden, with exceptional service and great food.

All winter, you can enjoy a family lunch prepared in the same way your Mom or Grandma would do, but without the trouble of actually making it. Invite your family and/or friends to enjoy Stáňa Marková’s delicious duck. At Žofín Garden, we serve it crunchy, golden-brown, on a serving tray placed in the middle of the table, with red and white cabbage and home-made bread dumplings. This way, you can make your own plate and decide whether to go for a wing or leg. The staff will be there to help cut and serve the portions if you prefer. You can enjoy a true, family feast even on an ordinary day. Finish your lunch with coffee and the mouth-watering Christmas Cottage Cheese Bread baked by our chef, Stáňa Marková.

We recommend making a reservation to ensure the greatest comfort.

Sea Bass Bellevue

Magic Bellevue

The Bellevue restaurant has again ranked among the 10 best Czech restaurants by the Maurer's Grand Restaurant Guide. Restaurant Manager, Tomáš Melich, keeps working on more innovations for the coming year and has shared how he spends the Christmas time.

Bellevue was listed as No 4 by the Maurer’s Grand Restaurant Guide. How does the restaurant, in your opinion, win its guests over?

Our new chef, Gilad Peled, deserves the biggest credit for this wonderful success.  He was able to improve the serving time of the individual dishes by changing the kitchen routine. We have also changed the restaurant’s inventory, most notably the plates and silverware. We now spend a lot more time with our guests, describing the individual meals and wines in a more thorough and expert way. The menu extent is the same, but when serving the individual courses, we always surprise our guests with some special treats prepared by Gilad, which they like and appreciate as they keep learning more details about the used ingredients.

What kind of information regarding the used ingredients do you share with your guests?

Gilad selects the ingredients he works with very carefully and insists on supreme quality. We work with local suppliers and use only ingredients of the European origin, which also applies to the served wines.

This is connected with the new way of pairing wines with meals:

Until recently, our guests were able to enjoy one particular wine, selected by us, with each course of their menu. Now, we offer two wines to be paired with each meal – one of the Czech or Moravian origin, the other of the European origin. This way, each guest has three options of pairing the meal tastes – with the local or foreign wine or with both. Currently, we serve some 40 kinds of extraordinary wines by the glass. Naturally, you can order all our wines by the bottle, too.

Are there going to be any innovations to the menu?

I think that guests are overwhelmed with Christmas meals during the Advent season. Therefore, we have included in the menu some new meals that are not traditional, Christmas dishes, but are very tasty – such as the grilled sea bass with fennel powder, served with couscous with chorizo and piquillo peppers, and complemented by octopus, violet potatoes and light bouillabaisse sauce, and as a dessert, we now offer tarte tatin from caramelised apples with calvados ice-cream.

And how do you usually spend your Christmas?

Our whole family always gathers together. This has been the tradition since my childhood. Both my wife and I have several siblings so there are usually about 12 people at the table. We take turns and spend each Christmas with one side of the family, but the menu is always the same – traditional fish and pea soups, fried carp and schnitzels for children, the best potato salad ever (prepared by my wife) and fantastic Christmas Bread (baked by my Mom). Christmas is about family. It is a time we can enjoy one another and remember our family traditions.

In Top 5 by Maurer’s Grand Restaurant Guide

Soup Mlýnec

Holiday Season charged with culinary passion at Mlýnec

Chef Marek Šáda spent the last Christmas in New York. This cosmopolitan city served as his source of inspiration when putting together the Mlýnec Christmas menu.

How did you spend your Christmas Eve there?

After breakfast, we all went to the Rockefeller Center to look at the Christmas tree. By we, I mean my whole family – my wife Františka, our six-year-old daughter Andělka and our one-year-old son, Oliver. The place was packed, but it was well worth it! Later on, when taking a walk along Broadway Street, we kept bumping into Santa Clauses.

What do you serve for Christmas Eve dinner at home?

We do not like fish soup and fried carp so we have a pumpkin or chestnut soup. When we lived here, we used to have pikeperch fried in butter with lukewarm potato salad (with bacon), but in the US, we swapped the pikeperch for a sea bass. We always cook the dinner together, naturally, under my leadership.

What can we look forward to at Mlýnec during the Christmas season?

Roasted tiger prawns with home-made mayonnaise with coriander, mango and avocado will set the festive tone. You can also look forward to tasting a Topinambura, creamy soup with South-Bohemian carp. My favourite pikeperch with lukewarm potato salad and Avruga caviar will be served as one of the main courses. For those who do not like fish, we will serve triple-battered veal fillet, and the grand finale has been reserved for mille-feuille with dulce de leche and baked-apple ice-cream and walnut froth – a dessert often requested by my family.

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