Meze Restaurant Prague

A touch of the Mediterranean in Prague's Karlin district

In the more than ten years since flooding in Prague in 2002 left the low-lying Karlin neighborhood underwater, the district has completely rebuilt itself. What was once a district you might not have had a reason to visit has now become as a thriving center for international companies. Karlin's reputation has also grown as a place to visit after working hours to sample dishes from some of Prague's up and coming restaurants. Unlike Prague's down town or the established Vinohrady neighborhood, the Karlin district exudes a cutting-edge feel, well-suited for visitors who want an off-the-beaten path experience. Today, Karlin hosts some of the best restaurants and pubs in Prague, including the Mediterranean Restaurant Meze, opened around one year ago.

A couple of days ago, I had the chance to visit Meze and get some insight on the restaurant's concept and plans. Upon entering the restaurant, I was attracted by its simple, but stylish interior. Big windows give a lot of natural daylight, and I did not get hit by an overdone, kitsch or non-personal feeling. The restaurant is divided into three areas, a bar area where I decided to sit down, a main dining space and a small salon for group birthdays, private business meetings or just a quiet spot to meet friends. Meze has a well-organized open kitchen area, which I think is a good sign. I had the impression that there is nothing to hide – that you can come into the kitchen and have a look at what is being cooked for you.

Although there were an array of dishes with everything from octopus carpaccio to a Mediterranean burger filled with pork gyros, I decided to order fettuccine with Parma ham and some parmesan. In general, I’m an Italian cuisine lover and finding good pasta in Prague is an adventure. But I have to say, Meze did not disappoint me; I really enjoyed my noodles.

Unlike some restaurants in Prague, Meze is not focused on only one Mediterranean country, like Spain or Italy, or one region, like Tuscany or Andalusia. If you have a look at Meze's menu, you will see that it contains a healthy mix of goodies from all around the Mediterranean sea side. With fish or meat tapas as starters and lamp, beef, octopus and rib eye steak as mains, along with plenty of seafood salads, I think there is something at Meze for everyone.

When having lunch at Meze, I recommend calling ahead before your visit to reserve a table. With many companies located around the area, lunch hour can get crowded. For a more leisurely meal with friends or for a romantic date night, book a table ahead for an evening or a weekend.

What I found special at Meze is a regular cooking class for kids. On weekends you can go for a meal with your family. While you enjoy food and drinks, your children are invited into the kitchen to help prepare their own meal. (Check Meze's web or Facebook page for details on upcoming events)

In the past few years, Sunday brunches are getting more and more popular in Prague. Meze offers a regular Sunday brunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. where you can sample a wide variety of Mediterranean specialities, including a cold buffet with traditional dips such as aioli, taramas and tzatziki, a warm buffet and a selection of fresh fish, seafood and meat cuts prepared on our open grill. On November 15th, Maze's will host a special St. Martin´s Family Brunch with duck specialities in honor of the November 11th holiday.Overall, if you like Mediterranean food, Meze is a place you should not miss. It’s very easy to get to the restaurant by public transport. Take tram number 8 to Karlinske Namesti, and it's just a one minute walk away. 

Mediterranean Restaurant Meze

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