Café Coffee Day's newly renovated cafe in Nový Smíchov

Serving premium Indian coffee and cocktails in a cozy space

On the other side of the expansive glass windows above Nový Smíchov's main entrance, just behind the space where a Christmas wreath now hangs, a newly renovated Café Coffee Day cafe exudes a cozy elegance. It’s a spot that makes you want to take a break from holiday shopping to indulge in a coffee or a homemade dessert, meet a friend for dinner or go for cocktails before a night on the town.

Located on the first floor of the shopping mall, where the well-known Cafe Emporio once stood, the Café Coffee Day cafe is a comfortable oasis in the middle of one of Prague's busiest downtown shopping centers. When the large windows aren’t covered by Christmas decorations, cafe goers have a bird’s eye view of the busy street below. In some ways the location is reminiscent of the company’s other newly reopened cafe, Fantova Kavárna in the Hlavní Nádraží train station. Both cafes are situated in prime spots, within eyesight but conveniently out of the way of the hustle and bustle of traffic.

Last month, the company gave its Smíchov cafe a significant stylistic makeover. In a sixteen day renovation process, the cafe was transformed. The full scale renovations accentuate elements of the company's Indian heritage while incorporating the style and ambiance of a European cafe.

Unlike some international cafe chains which rely on keeping the same interior design to promote brand recognition, CCD, owned by parent company Coffee Day Global Ltd., approaches each space innovatively, creating customized cafes that best fit the needs of a particular market. Since Nový Smíchov is a shopping mecca and a business district, for CCD, this meant creating a visually attractive cafe that is at once a haven for coffee lovers and a functional space for business meetings, PR events and evening social gatherings. Thus, the Smíchov cafe’s renovated design is different from any other among the company’s cafes in India, Europe, Malaysia and Egypt.

Tucked behind the escalator near Tesco’s upper exit, CCD’s Smíchov cafe is comprised of two sections, a glass-enclosed interior section and an expansive open seating area. A dark wooden floor and dark wooden tables paired with round-backed leather chairs give the cafe a posh, upscale feel.
In keeping with the company’s desire to maximize its own resources, the furniture was designed by a Spanish designer and crafted from wood grown on the company's plantations in India. Even the light fixtures and wall decorations were imported from India.

High-backed upholstered armchairs grouped around small round coffee tables offer customers comfort and privacy. A long wooden table doubles as space for an event reception or for a quiet laptop workspace. A convenient charging station and Wi-Fi accessibility contribute to the business-friendly side of the cafe.

Sparkling copper light fixtures and murals depicting scenes of animal life and natural vegetation on the CCD plantations add a relaxed ambiance to the enclosed interior section of the cafe. CCD'S shade grown coffee is the specialty of coffee from India. In the Smíchov cafe, there is even a machine where customers can grind their own CCD coffee from a selection of four blends created expressly for the European market. For customers looking to do a little holiday shopping, CCD also sells, in addition to their coffee beans, a variety of coffee accessories, such as signature mugs, travel containers, a single-serving espresso percolator or their exclusive CCD capsule machine.

Although the atmosphere is high end, CCD prides itself on offering top quality Indian coffee and food at affordable prices. Enjoy a cappuccino or a cafe latte for 69 CZK. As in other CCD cafes, the Smíchov cafe serves a variety of light food options, including breakfast specials, bistro sandwiches, salads, tortillas and quesadillas, most of which are priced under 150 CZK. For the evening hours, the cafe also serves beer, wine and a selection of signature mixed drinks.

After a Saturday spent schlepping the mall, wind down with a “Shopping Mango,” a CCD special made from tequila blanco, mango pulp and lime triple sec. Or, for a quick pick-me-up, try a “CCD Martini” made from vodka, Kahlua and espresso. During the holiday season, CCD is offering new specialty coffee drinks, including Caramel, Peppermint and Chai Latte flavors. Try a homemade dessert, such as cheesecake, made fresh daily in the kitchen of the CCD’s Fragile Restaurant on the mall’s second floor or indulge in a bowl of mango sorbet served with fresh whipped cream.

CCD's Smíchov cafe is the only cafe on the mall’s first floor, and it is the only cafe with full table service in Nový Smíchov. Its extended opening hours from 8:30-22:00 make the cafe an excellent choice for an early morning meeting, an after work cocktail or a light dinner before heading to the cinema. For those pressed for time, the cafe does sell take-away coffee.

If you find yourself in Nový Smíchov, don’t hesitate to seek out Café Coffee Day’s Smíchov cafe for an unexpected but welcome shopping mall respite. Select a table by the window and sip your coffee slowly while watching the hustle and bustle on the street below – grateful that, at least for the moment, you can be somewhere else.

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