Prague Fringe Festival starts May 26

The Czech Republic's largest English-language theater festival is in its 16th year

The Prague Fringe Festival takes place May 26 to June 3 with 236 performances of 50 productions in seven venues in Malá Strana.

“Some of the world’s top theater makers will appear in Malá Strana for these nine days only. Renowned British comedy writer and director Henry Naylor with his multiple award-winning show Angel, a one-off reading from Fringe guru Jim Haynes' new book, and, fresh out of drama school, the exceptional Tooth+Nail with their new show Hummingbird, which took Edinburgh and Australia by storm,” festival founder and director Steve Gove.

“I recommend you snuggle up in one of the (often literally) underground venues and dive into the many worlds that these performances take you to,” Gove added.

The festival this year has several shows that look at political issues. These include Protest, Domestic, Hess, Age of Consequence, Angel, Bang, No More Miss America, and two shows by British comedian Sajeela Kershi: Immigrant Diaries and Paradise Beneath Her Feet.

Protest and Domestic both look at government intrusion into people's private lives. Hess is a one-man show about what Hitler's deputy might have said. Age of Consequence looks at Bexit and other contemporary issues. Angel is about a sniper in a contemporary conflict. Bang deals with the absurdity of modern life. No More Miss America shows two women protesting a beauty pageant. Immigrant Diaries and Paradise Beneath Her Feet offer a perspective on issues that foreigners face.

There are also several productions supported by the Swedish and Norwegian Embassies. Teater Slava is back for the third time with two productions called What If … and Kontra Alt. The former is a children's show in a purpose-built dome. Norwegian Viggo Venn, half of comedy duo Zach & Viggo, is back after a sold-out tour of the Australian festival circuit.

New this year is a Family Fringe showcase event, an hour-long free preview of the festival's kids shows at La Loca Bar & Lounge at Mosaic House on Saturday, May 27 from 3 pm. This is in addition to the annual free Fringe Sunday on May 28 at 2:30 pm, which has live and video snippets of many of the shows. A new venue this year is Café Club Míšeňská.

Other changes include a new website and a new user-friendly ticketing system. Not all of the shows run for the entire festival so it is important to plan in advance so you don't miss something. The festival website lets you plan what you want to see and when. It also has shows categorized by whether they are text-based or nonverbal, among other things. You can also search by genre. Note also that some venues are small, so advance tickets for those are recommended.

A new visual identity of the festival was created by local artist Alina Shupikova, who redesigned the festival’s image. The new design is inspired by Prague’s cobblestone pavements and is intended to reflect the festival's collaborative nature. She also created the new Fringe mascot Fringeon.

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