Motorcycling in the Czech Republic

The winding roads of the Czech countryside offer a unique perspective

This article provided by Motorbike Ventures.

The Czech Republic is a charming country, and there’s no better way to fully appreciate its beauty than by a motorcycle excursion.  

Recommended below are trips that are guaranteed to make your motorcycle trip in the Czech Republic unforgettable.

Dubá (Day Trip)

One of the most popular roads for Czech motorcyclists is the journey from Prague to the town of Dubá.

Favored for its winding roads and beautiful scenery, the road to Dubá is not one to be missed.

Not far off this road is Český Ráj, translated as “Czech Paradise” which
you’ll find is true to its name. The greenery in itself is gorgeous in this area, making the trip worthwhile.

Not too far off course are Kokořín and Houska, two small castles hidden in the forests.

Along the way you can also visit the castle Bezděs, which is situated on a hill and offers another fantastic view of the country.

When passing the statue of St. Christopher (Sv. Kryštof) on the small bridge in the beginning of the village Chudolazy, don’t forget to honk for good luck, as he is the patron saint of motorists.

Please keep in mind: Since Dubá is one of the most popular spots for Czech motorcyclists, the Czech police camp out to catch those breaking the speed limit, so you have been forewarned!

Make sure you don’t exceed the speed limit and, as always, have the correct licenses (řidičák), insurance card (pojištění) and technical information (techničák) when riding.

Karlštejn – Beroun - Křivoklát (Day Trip)

Karlštejn, once a summer home for royalty, is a must-see castle for all those who live in Prague.

After seeing the castle, wind your way up to the quaint town of Beroun. I recommend driving into the center and parking your bikes for a stroll through the town. It’s very picturesque and worth the stop.

If you find you haven’t had enough of the beautiful Czech nature (and who would), hop back on your bikes and follow the Berounka River, taking the 116 to Křivoklát. You’ll pass through one of the Czech Republic’s protected lands and in Křivoklat there’s yet another castle worth the visit.

Loket u Karlových Varů (Overnight Trip)

This historical town, which dates back to the 1200s, is a great overnight trip for those wishing to stay a night outside of Prague.  The newly reconstructed castle is enchanting, as makes up the entire downtown area.

For the motocross lovers, Loket takes part in the annual World Motocross Championship, in August.

This is great motorcycling event, with stands selling various motocross items, and of course, the typical Czech beer and fast food stands.  Those wishing to see the event are able to camp within walking distance.

The drive to Loket on a motorcycle is also enjoyable, with the right amount of hills and twisting roads along the way.  

When leaving Prague, to avoid the traffic found on more frequently used roads; riders should go west through Rakovník, Jesenice and Žihle to the town of Rabštejn Nad Střelou.  

Though this town is the smallest in Eastern Europe, (with a total of 25 residents), it’s still worth a stop to see the town’s gothic castle, stone bridge, and ancient cemetery.  

There is a good local restaurant in the area if you want to stop for a bite to eat.

Once you’re rested and well fed, continue on your journey to Žloutice, Toužim, Bečov nad Teplou, Krásno and Horní Slavkov until you reach Loket.

Šumava (Three-Day Trip)
Those living in the Czech Republic have most likely heard of the Czechs’ beloved mountain range, Šumava.  

And for motorcyclists, they’ve most likely heard of the ride that takes you to this prized destination. The road to Šumava provides a scenic ride with the twists turns on the way to the mountains.  

Another recommendation is spending a day in the town of Kašperské Hory.  

This town has yet another nice castle worth seeing, and not far from the neighboring village of Čeňkova Pila is the river Vydra which is simply magnificent.

If you take the 190 to Železná Ruda you will find the Devil’s Lake (Čertovo Jezero) and Black Lake (Černé jezero) not too far away.

All over the Šumava area are great camping sites, though highly recommended is Soumarský Most.

Blansko, outside of Brno (3-day trip)- For those looking to venture into Moravia --southeastern Czech Republic -- head to the town of Blansko. This town is surrounded by some great examples of Czech nature.

Here you’ll find the famous gorge, Propast Macocha, with a 138-meter hole.

Visitors can either view the gorge from the top, or go to the town of Skalní Mlýn and take a tour inside the cave. The tour takes visitors through the cave from the base of the gorge by following the natural and complex corridors and halls.

If the level of water allows it, visitors may also travel by boat on the cave’s river.

For those interested in seeing this natural monument, it’s advised to reserve tickets at least two months in advance.  

To make reservations (up to a year in advance) call 516 413 575, 516 415 354 or 516 410 024 or e-mail

If you’re staying in this area, a good spot to camp is Olšovec in the town of Jedovnice.

For a small price, you can park your motorcycle and pitch your tent near the Olšovec Lake.

For those who don’t feel like roughing it, there is also the option of renting a cottage.

While traveling around the Czech Republic, remember to abide by all the traffic rules, and most importantly, have fun!

This article provided by Motorbike Ventures.

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