Prague traffic delays to last all summer

Several major roads and bridges are undergoing repairs at the same time

Traffic delays are likely to extend for the rest of the summer due to several major roads being closed for scheduled repairs.

Delays in the city center on July 9 lasted dozens of minutes, while commuters from Central Bohemia were delayed by more than an hour. Trams from nine lines were affected, with columns of stalled trams numbering up to 16.

The situation was particularly bad near Národní třída and Karlovo náměstí, where many tram lines converge.

But Prague Integrated Transit (PID) was more optimistic July 10, saying on Twitter that the situation in the morning had improved significantly compared to the previous day in most areas though there were still delays at the bridge Barrandovský most, where more repair work is being done. Most trams were back on schedule.

The main cause for the traffic problems is the resurfacing work on the bridge Jiráskův most, which will last until Aug. 30. Work began July 4 and some of the lanes on the bridge will be closed in both directions.

Repairs began July 9 on Wilsonova Street and U Bulhara in front of the train station Praha hlavní nádraží, and there will continue until Aug. 31 in two phases.

Repairs are also being carried out on the streets K Barrandovu, Koněvova, Dobříšská, V Holešovičkách, Vinohradská, Londýnská, Bělehradská, Anglická, Husitská and Janáčkovo nábřeží.

Transportation experts warned in advance of problems and cited a lack of coordination among the various entities responsible for transportation.

The traffic jams also lead to an increase in pollution and excess consumption of fuel, experts added.

People are encouraged to use the metro whenever possible to free the streets from traffic. “If possible, please do not drive by car to the city center,” PID said on Twitter.

The metro, though, is on a summer schedule with longer waits between train than in the rest of the year.

The city has been allocating more funds for road repairs after years of neglect, and on top of that planned work many of the city's bridges were found to be in poor condition and in need of emergency repairs.

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