Prague tourist card coming in 2019

The card will be useful for transit and discounts

The city agency Prague City Tourism (PCT) will start to issue tourist cards that serve as transit tickets, and offer discounts and other deals for visitors. They will be available from April 1, 2019.

Such cards are common in popular destinations, and other cities and regions in the Czech Republic already have them.

Some cards already exist in Prague, but they are issued by private companies and have limited benefits.

Details on the PCT card are scarce, and the name and price have not yet been released.

The card will be available both in physical and virtual form, following the city’s move to also offer public transit coupons on more formats.

The card or application will be used by tourists as a public transit ticket and to attend cultural events. They should also be alerted to the latest offers or discounts on event tickets.

“This card will be an application available for all IT formats, and of course the will also be a version of a physical card that can serve as a souvenir,” City Councilor Jan Wolf (KDU-ČSL) said.

“It will include all the organizations falling under the control of the capital, including galleries, museums and other institutions,” Wolf said.

The city hopes to sell 250,000 cards per year eventually.

The card will be developed and administered by the city firm Operátor ICT, which also developed the public transit card Lítačka and other Smart City projects such as public WiFi benches and trash cans that notify trash collectors when they are full.

PCT will provide a web page for the project and will provide up-to-date information about exhibitions or concerts.

The city will also gather data from the use of the cards, and see which sites and which discounts were most popular with tourists.

The concept for the card was originally announced in June 2017, but development had not started then.

The estimated cost to develop the project is Kč 2 million. After that, the card should run at a profit, according to a previous announcement.

It was also previously announced the cards would be available starting in January 2019, but that date has now been pushed back.

Prague is a little late in introducing a card for tourists.

The Olomouc region has long had a card that includes public transit in the city of Olomouc, and access to sights across the region, with the possibility of skipping long lines. Brno has a card called Brnopas that allows for free or discounted entry to cultural sites and events. Plzeň offers returnable transit cards for tourists.

Other countries’ capitals also are ahead of Prague. Amsterdam offers tourists the I Amsterdam card, which sells about 175,000 units a year. London has the Oyster card.

Tourism in Prague has been increasing, with a record number of tourists arriving in Prague last year. Some 7.68 million people were accommodated in Prague, a 7 percent increase over the previous year, according to the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ).

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