City offers parking discounts over holidays

Some parking zones and garages will have lower rates or be free

Prague will be easing the rules for paid parking over the holidays. From Dec. 22 to Jan. 2, the maximum price per day for parking in some violet mixed and orange visitor zones will be reduced. It does not apply to all areas, though, and not to any blue zones for resident parking.

People will pay Kč 80 a day in price zone 1, which is in Prague 1. In price zone 2 in Prague 7 and parts of Prague 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 it will be at the most Kč 40. In price zone 3, the cheapest, the parking fee is Kč 20.

Some districts have additional discounts. In Prague 7, drivers can park at night for Kč 20 in some purple zones. In addition, the Letná parking garage will be free of charge during the night from Dec. 21 at 8 pm until Jan. 1 at 8 am.

In orange zones in Prague 7, drivers can park for free during the holiday weekends, except for the Kostelní Street section in front of the National Technical and Agricultural Museum.

Prague 6, in addition to the citywide rules, offers free parking on blue and violet zones on the two holiday weekends.

The same district during weekdays on violet zones has Kč 20 to 40 all-day parking. It will be Kč 40 crowns in Dejvice and Bubeneč, and Kč 20 in other parts of Prague 6. The visitor’s section at Prašný most will have full-day parking for Kč 150.

Prague 1 and 2 are not offering additional benefits, as parking is in high demand in those areas to holiday sightseeing and the Christmas markets.

Parking znes are not in all city districts. Zones in Prague began to operate in 1996 in parts of Prague 1 and were subsequently extended to the whole of Prague 1, 2, 7, and most of Prague 3. The zones were extended to Prague 5, 6 and 8 in 2016, and expanded in 2017. Zones are also run by the Town Hall in Prague 13, 16 and 22.

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