Prague has an app for immigrants

The city has information available in several languages to help newcomers

A website and a smartphone app have been launched to make it easier for people to integrate into living in Prague.
The free app is called Praguer, and it functions in English, Vietnamese, Russian and Czech.

At the same time, Prague City Hall has launched a website called Prague for All, which also has information to help new residents in the city as well as others. The website is in all of the same languages plus Ukrainian.

Both the app and website are part of the City Hall’s Prague Metropolis of All II project, which is co-financed by City Hall and the Interior Ministry.

The Praguer app is aimed at non-EU immigrants living in the capital, and it has the subtitle “Make yourself at home in Prague.”

The app is described as a signpost for basic information and contacts for various organizations and institutions to give immigrants support in resolving everyday issues. In addition to the general information it also has contacts for people who can help if a newcomer feels lost. “We wish that Prague becomes your new home and a metropolis for all,” the app states.

There are 13 topics in the app. The main one is an overview of Prague, giving some details of the city, its population and districts, and some of the main agencies. Phone numbers, map locations, email and other contact info is included.

Other topics cover residency with contacts for the Foreign Police and the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy.

The app then tries to guide people through issues such as social security, health insurance, education and language courses. More practical matters include employment and transportation.

There is also help for people dealing with emergency situations such as domestic violence, drugs, human trafficking, homelessness, and racism. 

Lastly, there is contact information for the Integration Center Prague and for other non-profit organizations working with migrants.

Another section of the app has a map showing the locations of offices and organizations in and around Prague.

A third section helps people to direct-dial police, fire departments, and ambulances. The last section has a short bit of info on the app and who financed it.

Much of the app works offline, so people need not worry about wasting mobile data while reading it. Once it is installed, people can switch languages so if they know other immigrants who need help, they can show the relevant pages in a different language.

The Prague for All website tries to reach out not only to migrants but also to anyone living temporarily or long-term in the city. It duplicates much of the info on the map, plus it has much more contact info as well as general tourism and cultural information. It also has a link for downloading the Praguer app,

To visit the Prague for All website go to
To get the Praguer phone app visit

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