Prague transit data now on Google maps

The city’s transit authorities have made live traffic data freely available

Passengers can now find connections for the entire Prague Integrated Transit (PID) network, including trains and extraordinary announcements, on Google Maps, as up-to-date date is being made publicly accessible.

Transit organizer ROPID, in cooperation with the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP), the City of Prague and other partners announced several innovations regarding live traffic information at the turn of the year.

Departures of privately run bus lines, information about current delays and connections will start to appear. Timetable data is also now publicly available to everyone, so it can be used in many other applications, such as maps or a mobile apps.

“Prague Integrated Transport is the first system in the Czech Republic and one of the few transport systems in Central Europe that provides current real-time traffic data in machine-readable format,” ROPID director Petr Tomčík said.

Prague Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr (Praha sobě), responsible for transit issues, praised the move.

“Our priority is to maximize the openness of city data, so we want to continue with this upward trend, especially regarding the fastest availability of current vehicle data from the Prague Public Transit Company, which is absolutely essential for passengers,” he said.

The timetable data is provided in GTFS format, which is the most widely used open format for timetables. “For this project, we began with the data format published by the DPP and improved it with other important functions such as train timetables and fare information. Upon agreement with DPP, we have also used this improved data source on Google maps,” ROPID data specialist Zbyněk Jiráček said.

New features for travelers include PID train timetables for Prague and Central Bohemia, links for fare information, transfers and current information such as delays.

Thanks to a connection to the Emergency Event Database, used jointly by the ROPID and DPP, there is real-time data on current traffic in the form of travel alerts so that passengers planning their journey can be warned in the event of an emergency that their route is jeopardized.

Private bus lines connected to the ROPID dispatching system, such as suburban lines, are now displayed with current delays on maps as well.

DPP trams and bus lines will be tracked with their vehicle location data. Some train location data is in a very different format and the processing will take some time.

The main users of Google Maps for transit data are primarily tourists who do not use local applications. They can now benefit from newly available information and be alerted to problems on their journeys without having to install new apps.

The new service, though, may also appeal to local people who have been relying on IDOS, which lacks some of the up to date information.

Google maps can also suggest alternate routes, taking delays into account.

The GTFS timetable data is publicly available to everyone. Thanks to this, many applications are now available, from which everyone can choose their favorite, ROPID said.

More types of data formats are planned for the future, so the data can be used in creating statistics, research and other purposes.

For detailed information and user support for this data, visit

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