5 Smartphone Apps for your stay in Prague!

Prague on your Smartphone!

Prague may be known for its beautiful old buildings and historic landmarks, but make no mistake: Its residents are as modern – and as addicted to their Smartphones! – as in any other city. Whether you’re already a local or are just passing through, take a look at our picks for the top 5 Smartphone apps we can’t live (in Prague) without!

Pubtran (Public transit)

This is the app Prague locals use the most, and it’s great for tourists unfamiliar with the city’s transit system as well. Simply type in your starting location, your destination, and when you want to leave, and the app will calculate the fastest route. Pubtran not only tells you which tram, bus or Metro to take, but when it’s scheduled to arrive. You’ll never be late again!

Google Play Pubtran
Price: Free

2GIS (Map/Public Transit)

2GIS also helps you navigate by calculating the fastest walking or transit routes. However, it’s a bit different from Pubtran: You can change the settings to English, it’s available on iPhone as well as Android, and it includes a 3D map that uses GPS to track your location, so you know if you’ve headed in the wrong direction. Best of all? It works offline, even if you don’t have cellular data!

Google Play / App Store 2GIS
Price: Free
Android and iPhone

Dame Jidlo (EN, CZ, SK) (Ordering Food)

8. Too busy to leave the office for lunch? Sick (or just lazy) at home and don’t want to cook or leave the house? Dame Jidlo lets you browse menus from a wide selection of restaurants in Prague. Delivery time varies based on your location and you get 100 CZK off your first purchase!

Google Play / App store Dame Jidlo

Price: Free

Top 100 Czech sights (Sightseeing)

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of attractions the Czech Republic has to offer? Not sure where to start, what’s worth your time, or what’s within your budget? Top 100 Czech sights offers basic info on, and photos for, the very best the country has to offer. After reading through its summaries of landmarks, cultural attractions, and spas, you can create your own list of the sights you want to see. Each of the 100 suggestions also includes a phone number,
email address, address, and URL. In other words, this app makes Googling look like hard work.

Google Play / App Store Top 100 Czech sights
Price: Free
Android and iPhone

Modry Andel (Transportation/Cabs)

You could use public transit to take you (and all your luggage) to the airport after a long and enjoyable stay in Prague, but why leave on a stressful note? Order a cab from Modry Andel instead. The app sends your request for a ride to local cab drivers in the area. Once a driver has accepted your route, the app tells you his name and phone number, as well as an estimated price. It’s often cheaper – and friendlier! – than hailing a cab on the street or using one of the airport’s shuttle services.

Google Play / App Store Modry Andel
Price: Free
Android and iPhone

Author: Anna Storm (Prague.TV)

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