Map to the Honest Guide

A fan has posted all of the recommended places on a simple Google map

Finding hidden places that offer something special, and avoiding big ripoffs at the same time, has been easier for tourists and expats since Janek Rubeš has been doing his series of Honest Guide videos on YouTube.

But if you are on the go, it might be hard to remember one of the places mentioned in the videos. Watching the videos would use a lot of mobile data, and even just sorting through the links in the video descriptions would take some time.

A fan, though, has come to the rescue by putting all of the locations mentioned by the Honest Guide on a free Google map.

“Wooooow. Edward sent us a map he made — it's a map with all the places from our Honest Guide videos!! It's absolutely lovely, thank you so much! <3 You guys are simply the best!” Rubeš said on Facebook.

The map puts the places into several convenient categories, with 41 restaurants, 46 bars and cafes, 23 buildings and squares, 18 miscellaneous places, 31 shops and services, and 10 romantic walks.

It is not immediately clear if the map will be updated to reflect places mentioned in new videos.

There were lots of positive comments under the posting, mostly about the quality of the advice, but also for the map specifically. “This is awesome. We are leaving next week for Prague and have watched all the Honest Guide videos. Can’t wait to check out everything in person,” a woman named Amanda said.

One user wanted more info with each point. “That is pure gold!! Short descriptions and further additions might be nice though,” Matthais said. Another user suggested making a full smartphone app.

Some of the praise was a bit colorful. “Dope! Definitely worth bookmarking. And thank you for recommending the Joystick bar, had a blast there when we were in Prague a few weeks ago,” Per said. Joystick bar has retro pinball machines, video games and, for the center of the city, very cheap beer. It is very well hidden in a basement just off of Wenceslas Square.

The Honest Guide has been offering videos on YouTube for about three years. Aside from recommending places that offer good deals on food and beverages, he also warns against tourist traps and scams.

Taxis and exchange places have been a particular focus, and he has gotten results. One place he cited as having the worst exchange rates is now closed permanently, having had its license revoked. He also has been tracking fake monks who beg for alms but are not actually involved in religion, and people who change money on the street for worthless notes.

Some of his crusades are less serious. He has taken on so-called chimney cakes as not being authentically Czech food and recommended other more historical sweets and desserts instead.

He also likes to point out curiosities like doorless elevators that never stop, called paternosters.

But he is not an actual tour guide, so don’t ask him to personally show you around town.

But with the new map, following his advice has become a bit easier.

More of his videos can be found here: Prague Honest Guide

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